Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Free to me...

The other day I grabbed my computer and a notebook and headed to FAVorite spot to sit and catch up on important things.  I spend alot of time's kind of like my winter home.  I try hard not to break my food budget there...and can really be happy with a refillable cup of coffee or iced tea.  {unless someone beside me is indulging in something better} 

 They don't know me by name in there...but they do recognize me.  For instance, when I showed up the other day to buy an iced tea, the cashier was shocked to find out that I did not have a Panera Rewards Card, and said, "For as much time as you spend in here, I'm really surprised you don't have a card yet!" 
 Guilty as charged.  

So, here's where the good stuff comes...the reason why this post exists on my "budget-friendly" blog.  Not only am I now the proud owner of my very own Panera Rewards card, but just for signing up my card now has on it a FREE LATTE for me!  Mind you, I've never actually PURCHASED a latte at Panera {I'm cheap, remember?} so to have one waiting for me for FREE...that's my kind of deal.  Not only that, but I discovered that they have all kinds of their recipes on their website.  {those are FREE too...bonus!}
I wonder if I will ever forego this:

in order to make it cheaper for myself at home? 
 I should...I'm just not sure I can give up my second home.

It's supposed to be a little cooler around here tomorrow...
sounds like it may be a LATTE DAY for me.  

If you have not retrieved your own Panera Rewards Card yet, do NOT hesitate any longer.  
You have a freebie waiting for you!
...and check out those recipes - they are FREE too!

Then head on over to WISEBREAD and read this article about the "Latte Factor"...
what do YOU think?