Wednesday, November 17, 2010


It's been a while since I've signed on I'm redeeming my absence by tipping you off on a great giveaway you might want to run out and enter.

Check out the camera strap giveaway on Simply Handmade by Paige.  
You'll be suprised to find that Paige is 14 years old...She's amazing! 
Peruse her blog while you're there and check out her etsy site, too. 
 Paige has alot of talent and a great future of design and fashion ahead of her!

Paige's giveaway is a camera strap created by Ruthanne at "Eclectic Whatnot"
 My favorite by far is the Pink Lady on the top left corner of the picture...♥♥♥

I'm certainly hoping that will pick me!!!