Sunday, June 27, 2010

A new coat...

Remember this?'s FINALLY getting a makeover...

It's still in progress, but I'm liking the new coat already.  Some would say don't mess with the finish {but in reality, it wasn't all that great-lots of nicks and discolorations} but my new motto is this:
If you don't like it- paint it and make it new.  At least that's what I keep telling myself.  I don't really even like to paint, but for some reason I started and now I have to finish!

It was $8 well spent!  Inside the doors I found three different variations of vintage Contact Paper - none that I had any desire to keep, but it sort of told me about the woman who once owned it.  Also, there were about 10 little cup hooks on the inside of the left cabinet...seems someone had a tea cup collection at one time.  I wonder, as I paint, where this piece has been...what stories it could tell.  It'll never fetch a hefty price at a sale, but it's exactly the thing that will suit my diningroom well. 

I'm working on painting a bunch of mismatched pieces the same color...that makes it a set, right?
Another couple of days and I think it'll be ready for more pics!

"Happiness is making the most of what you have."
 {Rosamunde Pilcher}

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Budget lesson of the day:

Today's budget-minded lesson:  Don't go to the mall
I avoid the place if at all possible.  Not because I hate to shop -  Au contraire!  I love to shop...but when I walk into the mall I suddenly go weak in the knees and forget all about the fact that I'm on a tight budget...suddenly, rather than being content with what I have, I want MORE.  My daughter has it way worse than I do.  I made the mistake of taking her to the mall last night - just for something to do.  Even though she knew we weren't going to buy, but to LOOK, I still must have heard "Oooh, I want one of these!" a half-million times.  NOT that she thought I would cave and hand the Debit card over - she knows better than that - but still...I had to hear it.  And really, she was just being outwardly honest...because inside I was doing the same thing...just with better restraint, of course. 

You can cut all the coupons you want, but unless you have a specific need or purpose in mind, bottom line is this: STAY AWAY FROM THE MALL, GIRLS!  BUT...if you do frequent the mall and come out empty handed and happen to feel a real let-down, you might consider keeping your eyes peeled on the way home for a little hidden treasure.  By treasure I mean know, the good kind of trash that other people haul out next to their big blue receptacles in the name of junk.  Maybe there's a good reason for them to haul it out there, maybe they're downsizing or possibly making room for something newer and shinier....but whatever the reason, if you look REAL hard and stop your whining about not buying something at the mall, you just might see these little treasures calling for you to take them home.

No way I would have found THESE at the mall for free...

but I did find them in someone's trash pile on the way home. 
They need a little loving and a few cushions, but they'll do just fine on my porch...THAT'S my kind of bargain - FREE!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lulu & Tutz SALE

I am officially purging my inventory...
My sister and I closed {Lulu & Tutz},  our "Vintage and New" Home Boutique last summer after several years of running the business together.  It was the best job I've ever had {outside of my home, of course!} and it was sad packing it all up and putting it in storage.  BUT, it's all coming out of storage this weekend for a HUGE garage SALE.  I'd hoped it would be unpacked into a new shop location, but it doesn't look promising in the near it must be sold instead.  We're moving soon, and there's just no reason to drag it along to the new house.  The whole street is having a sale on Saturday, so it's a great day to maximize your bargain hunting!

Join us, it all must GO....and the prices are CHEAP!

Friday and Saturday

{125 Miller Street