Friday, February 26, 2010

Thrifty WetJet refill alternatives...

Mind you, I just bought my WetJet yesterday, and as much as I enjoyed trying it out, I did not go so crazy that the solution is empty...YET.  But, since they supply you with a tiny little bottle of solution and only two measly cleaning pads, I thought I'd do a little Google search to find out what kind of cheaper alternatives I might find when the time comes to refill.  (I noticed that a box of 12 pads was just under $7 at Target and the solution is just under $5 for less than 2L)

You find out all sorts of things when you do a Google search.  For instance:

*Apparently some would argue that the Wet Jet cleaning solution is toxic to small animals- even resulting in death (I know this because I just read a whole excerpt someone wrote on a forum which included a toxicology report)
*Also, some people are SO thrifty that they would actually KEEP the empty solution bottles and refill them with a homemade solution.  (Truth be told, my mind was already heading there...til I read the "how-to" below)
*In order to save and reuse the solution bottle you have to do minor surgery and actually use POWER tools:
Here's what a few WetJet thrifters had to say HERE:

  • "When using a Swiffer Wet Jet, the replacement bottles can get pretty expensive. I discovered that you can take the cap off the bottle (I used a strap wrench which you can find in the tool department at Sears...)"

  • "I cut the neck off another plastic bottle, cut a hole in the bottom of the swiffer bottle and hot glued the other neck onto it. Now I just unscrew the cap and I buy the 409 copy cat cleaner at the dollar store.."

  • "I did the taking off of the cap but found it soon started to leak. I drilled a half-inch hole in the top, pour my solution in with a funnel and put a cork in it. I've been using the same Swiffer bottle for over a year."

  • "I have had success refilling the bottle by using the turkey injector."  Not sure I want to spend Thanksgiving at THAT house! 

*I found some recipes I may try before buying a new bottle of WetJet cleaner:

  • 1 part ammonia to 3 parts water

  • water, vinegar, a little biodegradable dishsoap, and some lemon juice.

  •  Murphy's and water solution for hardwood floors
I also found ideas for thrifty replacement of the cleaning pads....I'm never disappointed with Google's ability to find the most creative results!

  • "Always Over Nite pads work so well. I know it sounds funny, but they are excellent"

  • "Attach the "hook" side of a Velcro-type product in strips on the bottom of the Swiffer head. Then, purchase a piece of super absorbent cloth- reusable and washable solution"

  • "I just purchased a washable microfiber mop pad from Target in the floor care section with the Method products. The pad sticks onto the Velcro part of the Wet Jet mop and is washable (machine or by hand) up to "50" times and then reusable. The mop pad was $4.99 which seems a great price for reusing and good for the environment."
Sounds like alot of work to save a few bucks...but, I think I'll give one or two of these options a try and see how it works...Meanwhile, Emma is enjoying the novelty of it...and I'm ok with that!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Don't mock me...

My friends say I am thrify or maybe downright pathetic.  But, in my heart of hearts I don't really think that I wallet would agree with my friends, but my taste would beg to differ.  I am thrify because I must be, and along the way I have learned to enjoy the hunt of a good deal.  And, my tastes have changed in the process.  No longer do I desire designer everything...I've found that I actually really LOVE to find "one of a kind" treasures.  My heart pounds when I pass a flea market or a country auction...I have no doubt that there are bargains standing by just waiting to be found by me!

I happened to be blessed to live in Lancaster County, PA where there are flea markets, auctions and yard sales a-plenty on any given summer weekend.  And during the dreary months of winter, there are at least a handful of other options to be had by thrifty shoppers like me. 

I'm not exactly sure what direction this blog will evolve into, but the underlying tone will be that it's O-KAY to be thrifty if you're living on a budget.  (You might even find it's ok to be thrifty if you're blessed to NOT be living on a budget, but I doubt you will find that advice here...just saying.)  Not only is it ok to be thrifty, I think you can be thrifty while still looking like you have more than two dimes to rub together.  Thrifty does not equal frumpy, cheap or dirty.  It just means you are careful with your money and actually enjoy the hunt of a bargain.  I like the mall and Boutiques as much as any other woman...but as a general rule, I don't pull my wallet out for just any full-price item - it has to earn the right to come live with me.

That reminds me of my favorite part of goes like this: 

I went to Target this afternoon
(I had a coupon for $5 off a Swiffer Wet Jet AND my body was craving a popcorn combo)...
*WetJet, popcorn combo, bonus $.99 cute pink containers* I was walking through the front doors I heard a little girl and her mom walking in behind me.  I only vaguely paid attention to what the little girl was saying, but I got the feeling she was working on her mother's last nerve.  I'm pretty sure I was right, because as they whizzed by me in their red cart, the little girl asked her mom, "What am I getting, mommy?  Huh?  What am I getting???"  Without missing a beat, her mom shot back, "You're lucky if you get a ride home." 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

{New Arrival}

Hang with me, here, as I go through the birthing process of a newborn baby blog.  I'm still gathering my thoughts and intentions for this new project...and just like newborn babies, it takes a while to get in the swing of things...

Keep checking back...I'll be up and running real soon!
In the meantime, you can find me here