Thursday, March 25, 2010

How to save $$ on your Water Bill..

If you get up one day and your sink is clogged for the second time in two weeks, you should call the plumber
If he is busy and cannot come for 10 DAYS to replace the old pipes that have completely closed up and refuse to swallow even a drop of water....

If you cannot run your dishwasher for that entire 10 DAYS because it uses the same clogged pipe that refuses to drain...
If your sink has filled up again with the few dishes you own that are not already sitting dirty in your dishwasher...

then you should definitely fill a large bowl with soapy water and start washing.  BUT {and here's where the water saving plans come in} make sure that not even a drop of water goes down your drain, so do NOT turn the water on full blast.  A trickle will have to be enough. 
AND...when that bowl of water gets filled with dirty-dish water, then dump it in ANOTHER large bowl...which you will need to promptly empty outside in the flowerbeds so that you can refill it again.  {But be sure to dump in multiple sites, lest you should end up with water in your basement.}
When you have accomplished all of this AGAIN...stack, the clean dishes in the neatest pile possible to drip- dry.  Don't even bother to put them away, because someone in your family will be using them again in a few mintues, and you'll need to start the process over....AGAIN.

While you may not like it, get used to have just managed to save a few dollars on your water/sewer bill.  And, perhaps you will have a greater appreciation for women who have to wash their dishes like THIS every day....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So, I officially decided NOT to purchase the Hubba Bubba bench from the last post.  She was rejected.  The reason is really none other than conviction!  It was just plain too much for my budget, and the Layaway plan was really nothing other than a trap....and I decided to RUN and not look back before I got stuck in it. 

So...SHE will be remembered fondly, but will not be coming home to live with me.  In her place, I have decided to be on the look out for a suitable knock-off.  One that might include a little hard work and attention, but that I can enjoy, guilt-free. 

Auction season is approaching {can you hear my heart beating faster, or is that just me??}....and I have to wonder if perhaps HER sweet twin is waiting for me in someone's garage or basement.  Granted, I might not recognize her at first....

she might look like this:


{images from Google}

But, when I find her for a few bucks {And I WILL find her!}, slap on some white paint, add some cute fabric and a set of wheels....she will be just what I've been looking for.

{Lesson learned:}
Dream big, but don't spend big.  Be patient, don't jump too soon.
Your wallet will thank you...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hubba Bubba Bench...

In light of yesterdays post...I can't help but share this picture with you. 
I was shopping around town- actually, just browsing, and from the far end of the store, under the spot light, where the "Hallelujah" chorus was playing softly in the background was this bubble-gum pink beauty.  I looked her over top to bottom.  Sat on her.  Planned exactly where she should live in my house. 
 Chatted with Liliana, the saleswoman, about her. 
And then, got up and left her there.

I just couldn't justify it.  If I told you it was $90 you might think she is a steal...but my budget took on a voice of its own while I was sitting there in that spotlight and convinced me it would be wrong for me to take her home to live happily ever after with me.  I hate that voice. 

BUT...on the way home, while I was busy wiping the tears out of my eyes because there was definitely dust in them, I cleverly remembered that this store, in fact, has LAYAWAY!!!!!!!  I didn't turn around...didn't go running back in to rescue her...yet.  That would be totally greedy of me. car might make a wrong turn and accidently end up in that driveway later today..and then I would definitely have to see if my friend Liliana would like to help me LAY-her-AWAY for a length of time while I collect my dollars and cents from all manner of sources.
{I'm still working on how I feel about's not quite at the level of using credit...but I'm not sure it's not its evil sister}

She may wait for me...or she may have already been adopted into some other lucky family.  I hope she's waiting for me...but I'll remember her fondly if she's moved on.  I'll frame her picture and remember the short time we had together.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

breaking the bank...

One of my favorite things is finding a great bargain.  I love when I find exactly what I'm looking for AND it's at a great this lampshade... 

I'm kind of a fan of Target's Shabby Chic line...but I haven't been impressed by the lampshades lately.  If you squint real hard, you can see that my new lampshade comes from this line (maybe last year's???) But, the best part of the shade is the price tag -can you see that it says $2.99? No kidding!  I bought two of these lamps a while ago at the Christmas Tree Shop (I splurged at $16.99 each) but I've been unable to find just the right shades for them....until today when I RETURNED to the Christmas Tree Shop.  Bad news: there was only one.  Good news:  they ordered two more for me.  I'll have to drive a half hour to  pick them up, but that kind of math makes sense to me, you know?

My lamp is sitting on my other find of the week.  She is a very cheery shade of pink and is the cutest shape, don't you think?  She was also a bargain - $2.50 in the Target Dollar bins! 
Not bad for a week of bargain-shopping, right? 

Next hunt I'm looking for one of these...

I'd like it to be under $5, too....what are the chances?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ugly pictures and desk chairs unite...

I was almost embarrassed to walk around the Thrift Store the other day with this hideous picture.

I actually picked it up because the frame was cute- and only $6.  It's not a high-quality piece...I'm not sure what it's even made out of - not wood!  But, still, I thought it had potential to be re-purposed into something a little cuter. 
I haven't decided what it'll become...the ugly poster has been thrown away and already it looks better.
Maybe it'll be reincarnated into a bulletin board, or a chalkboard, or perhaps it will remain naked and just be a frame. 
{picture courtesy of Cozy Cottage Slipcovers}
I found this great photo the other day while googling slip covers.  How cute!  I think I've seen a million of those ugly desk chairs at Goodwill over the years.  I probably had one once.  A little fabric goes a long way and is alot cheaper than buying a new chair!  I'm afraid I won't be giving the Cozy Cottage my dollars and cents anytime soon- while very beautifully done, they're a bit pricy for me, but I think I could come up with something similar. I'm seriously considering getting a desk job just so I can sit on one of those all day.