Sunday, April 17, 2011

MASSIVE yard sale..

I vowed NEVER to do one EVER again...
multiple times. I go again, giving in to the temptation to purge.

This time, though, I'm tag-teaming it with my friend, Janelle and some other creative ladies..
 it feels much less stressful, much less pressure...
but let me tell you, IT WILL BE HUGE and you won't want to miss it!!!

Check out Janelle's description and and a peek at the last few years of

 Here are the details:

{3rd Annual Barn Sale at Janelle's House}

128 Lancaster Avenue
Strasburg, PA  17579

~Friday, May 6th 4pm-7pm~
~Saturday, May 7th 7am-2pm~

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This week at Goodwill...

Someone picked up THIS:
  {he also had to take a trip to Guitar Center for 12 strings}
 But, he was proud of his $14 purchase
And it really is quite entertaining watching him play
 I picked up these three sweeties
 The inside of the Vintage train case is in perfect condition.  
I didn't need it, but for $.97 how can you not purchase it for storage?!?
 The two plaid cases made their way to my oldest son's basement bedroom.
I'll have to wait until he's back from college to find out what he will store in them....
{his room offers a large amount of options to choose from-
shoes, magazines, books, cd's, junk, dirty laundry, etc etc}

 Anytime I find something old and well-loved, 
I wonder about its history...
Where did it come from?  
Where has it been?
Who used it?  
What secrets does it hold?

These two came home with me on a different Goodwill trip.
They were just the right color and just the right price
They are a little overly loved
but their flaws are somewhat comforting.

"Frugality without creativity is deprivation."
-Amy Dacyczyn

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