Friday, March 4, 2011


You know how part of the reason we "thrift-lovers" enjoy the hunt is because it's just challenging...
and the other reason is because we live in a throw-away society, so re-using something makes us feel like we're giving back...and the other reason is because it is cost effective and makes sense to our budget???? 
{Longest run-on sentence I've written today}

Yeah...well, I realize that I can easily over-spend by the sheer force of allowing myself to walk in the doors of my favorite Bargain Barn.  And, frankly, I probably have more stuff than I need simply because 
I liked it
it was cheap.

For this reason, I am practicing self-control when I drive down Route 30 
and am tempted to turn Left into my favorite 
Goodwill Wonderland.  
As a result this blog has sat stagnant because I had 
nothing new and thrifty to be excited about. 
 I also have zero advice or suggestions 
that are worth writing down.
  {Unless, "just don't get in your car and drive out of your driveway" sounds like good advice to you.}

I guess you could say I'm in a creative funk.

So, to shake out of it 
or at least to see what others are doing with their creative juices,
I've joined stumble upon.
It's a massive internet conglomeration of 
everyone in the whole wide world and their sister
I don't really understand it all yet.
It's just too big.
But I think they're on to the next big internet craze.

It's like a great big marriage of Google, the blogging world, youtube, Martha Stewart, CNN, your local Library, Home Depot and every other random thing you can think of.

You pick your category of choice,
press "stumble"
and spend the next hour looking at everything you ever wanted to know about that category.
It's really crazy.
And somewhat overwhelming.

But sometimes I go there just because...
and perhaps in the hope of stumbling upon someone else's creative juicy-juice
and having it spill on me.

Like just now, when I stumbled, I found this place
Check her out, she seems to have a lot to say today about being frugal.
But don't be gone for too long...
I might actually slip in someone else's creative juice and 
post something worth noting.

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