Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas bargains...and remembering the Gift.

We're always on a budget around here, and Christmas time is no different.  So, to kick things off this season, I unwrapped my decorations to see what was needed.  We're in a bigger house this year, so it was almost necessary to add a few more things to stretch what I already had...

Of course, I had to stop here:

{Print a $10 OFF coupon HERE}

and here:

{They posted a few Holiday budget tips you might want to read HERE}

Merry Christmas sign $2.99
Pink Christmas tree $2.99
Silver glitter electric candles $1.99-$2.99
{Silver and Green Christmas trees unwrapped from last year...}

{7' Fraser Fir- Costco $33.99}
Silver glitter words $1-$2.99

 Silver tinsel wreath from last year
{Made with a Dollar Tree wreath and balls}
Goodwill Christmas ball wreath  $3
"Joy"- free
Glitter birds- $1
Blue mercury glass votives - $1

I found a few non-Christmas items on one of my recent Goodwill trips...
LOVE these pink veggie dishes. 
 I paid $4 for both!

I spied these beauties hiding in a corner but couldn't think of a reason to buy them for myself, so I picked them up for a photographer friend to use in her photoshoots...
there was a bonus cosmetic bag inside the small one!
Aren't they sweet!?!  
I can't wait to see how she uses them..

{I'm sure she'll put them to good use!}

23 more days until case you've lost track.
Take a moment to reflect on the Greatness of this season.

Stop here:

have one or two of these:
I mean, at this time 
NEXT year will your family 
remember the gifts you were so 
stressed over finding and wrapping THIS 
year?  And, in TEN years will they even remember
 ANY of the gifts you've stressed over all these years???

Remember the original Gift...and don't stress over the imitations....

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