Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas coupons...

I'm off to do a little Christmas shopping today.  We're totally cutting back this year and focusing in a different direction than "us".  So anyone on my Christmas list will likely be getting something homemade or extremely on SALE.  

Here's a few coupons I'm using today that you might find useful too!

You'll be prompted to put in your zip code to find your nearest store, 
then you'll see a link to their current coupon.
{I had trouble printing it out--it was HUGE--you'll need to resize it in your printer options}

I looked and looked for a ready to print coupon, but didn't find one in the amount of time I wanted to spend looking.  Eventually I signed up for BB&B emailing list and was immediately sent a 20% off coupon.

You could also click HERE for coupons for a large list of stores and restaurants.

Also, if you have lots of time on your hands before you head out to shop, 
click HERE for a host of thrifty shopping ideas and deals.  

One more great coupon HERE if you're into shoes and boots that are practically FREE!

Off to AC Moore where I will hopefully be inspired to be creative...
Here's hoping!

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  1. Great idea. I used to love going to Thrift stores... kind of like treasure hunting. Even better is FREE stuff.. There are actually a site or two with TOTALLY FREE STUFF (most have catches) but has a $10 Coupon for Hallmark Stores with absolutely NO PURCHASE NECESSARY - good thru 12/24!
    A FREE Herbal Candle... some FREE Movie Tix plus a lot of other great deals, discounts - from Entertainment Coupon Books to 80% off Restaurant Certificates to Grocery Coupons. You can get gifts for FREE or almost FREE! Perfect recession fighters! Also and for more deals and discounts specifically targeted for the holidays!