Tuesday, March 9, 2010

breaking the bank...

One of my favorite things is finding a great bargain.  I love when I find exactly what I'm looking for AND it's at a great this lampshade... 

I'm kind of a fan of Target's Shabby Chic line...but I haven't been impressed by the lampshades lately.  If you squint real hard, you can see that my new lampshade comes from this line (maybe last year's???) But, the best part of the shade is the price tag -can you see that it says $2.99? No kidding!  I bought two of these lamps a while ago at the Christmas Tree Shop (I splurged at $16.99 each) but I've been unable to find just the right shades for them....until today when I RETURNED to the Christmas Tree Shop.  Bad news: there was only one.  Good news:  they ordered two more for me.  I'll have to drive a half hour to  pick them up, but that kind of math makes sense to me, you know?

My lamp is sitting on my other find of the week.  She is a very cheery shade of pink and is the cutest shape, don't you think?  She was also a bargain - $2.50 in the Target Dollar bins! 
Not bad for a week of bargain-shopping, right? 

Next hunt I'm looking for one of these...

I'd like it to be under $5, too....what are the chances?

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  1. I am so jealous!!! I just LOVE that lamp, from top to bottom. When I went to Exton to visit a friend, I left early and stopped at the Christmas Tree Shoppe and found AMAZING things! I hear we are getting on on Route 30?!?


    Now, if only we also had a Hobby Lobby. Ever been to one of those??? My sister took me to hers in Dallas's like the perfect marriage of Michaels + Marshall's HomeGoods, except the pricetag was a lot less!!

    Gotta go...i hear activity upstairs that i can no longer ignore. thanks for making me laugh with your 'back fat' comment this morning. yes, we all have our crosses to bear (and so...sing with me...we should 'take it to the Lord in prayer')

    March 10, 2010 3:54 AM