Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hubba Bubba Bench...

In light of yesterdays post...I can't help but share this picture with you. 
I was shopping around town- actually, just browsing, and from the far end of the store, under the spot light, where the "Hallelujah" chorus was playing softly in the background was this bubble-gum pink beauty.  I looked her over top to bottom.  Sat on her.  Planned exactly where she should live in my house. 
 Chatted with Liliana, the saleswoman, about her. 
And then, got up and left her there.

I just couldn't justify it.  If I told you it was $90 you might think she is a steal...but my budget took on a voice of its own while I was sitting there in that spotlight and convinced me it would be wrong for me to take her home to live happily ever after with me.  I hate that voice. 

BUT...on the way home, while I was busy wiping the tears out of my eyes because there was definitely dust in them, I cleverly remembered that this store, in fact, has LAYAWAY!!!!!!!  I didn't turn around...didn't go running back in to rescue her...yet.  That would be totally greedy of me. car might make a wrong turn and accidently end up in that driveway later today..and then I would definitely have to see if my friend Liliana would like to help me LAY-her-AWAY for a length of time while I collect my dollars and cents from all manner of sources.
{I'm still working on how I feel about's not quite at the level of using credit...but I'm not sure it's not its evil sister}

She may wait for me...or she may have already been adopted into some other lucky family.  I hope she's waiting for me...but I'll remember her fondly if she's moved on.  I'll frame her picture and remember the short time we had together.


  1. SO creative!!! Love it! I do hope she is able to come and live with you, be it through credit's 'evil stepsister' or not.

  2. sigh....common sense got the best of me, and alas, she still sits at the store and not in my home. I will hope to see her some day in the corner of my very small mansion where she will have a special spotlight just for her.