Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ugly pictures and desk chairs unite...

I was almost embarrassed to walk around the Thrift Store the other day with this hideous picture.

I actually picked it up because the frame was cute- and only $6.  It's not a high-quality piece...I'm not sure what it's even made out of - not wood!  But, still, I thought it had potential to be re-purposed into something a little cuter. 
I haven't decided what it'll become...the ugly poster has been thrown away and already it looks better.
Maybe it'll be reincarnated into a bulletin board, or a chalkboard, or perhaps it will remain naked and just be a frame. 
{picture courtesy of Cozy Cottage Slipcovers}
I found this great photo the other day while googling slip covers.  How cute!  I think I've seen a million of those ugly desk chairs at Goodwill over the years.  I probably had one once.  A little fabric goes a long way and is alot cheaper than buying a new chair!  I'm afraid I won't be giving the Cozy Cottage my dollars and cents anytime soon- while very beautifully done, they're a bit pricy for me, but I think I could come up with something similar. I'm seriously considering getting a desk job just so I can sit on one of those all day.

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