Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So, I officially decided NOT to purchase the Hubba Bubba bench from the last post.  She was rejected.  The reason is really none other than conviction!  It was just plain too much for my budget, and the Layaway plan was really nothing other than a trap....and I decided to RUN and not look back before I got stuck in it. 

So...SHE will be remembered fondly, but will not be coming home to live with me.  In her place, I have decided to be on the look out for a suitable knock-off.  One that might include a little hard work and attention, but that I can enjoy, guilt-free. 

Auction season is approaching {can you hear my heart beating faster, or is that just me??}....and I have to wonder if perhaps HER sweet twin is waiting for me in someone's garage or basement.  Granted, I might not recognize her at first....

she might look like this:


{images from Google}

But, when I find her for a few bucks {And I WILL find her!}, slap on some white paint, add some cute fabric and a set of wheels....she will be just what I've been looking for.

{Lesson learned:}
Dream big, but don't spend big.  Be patient, don't jump too soon.
Your wallet will thank you...

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